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About the Vasectomy Procedure

No-scalpel, mini-needle vasectomy technique.

Gentle, affordable, stress-free vasectomies

Minimally-invasive, no-scalpel method.

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5000+ Vasectomies

Dr Masterson is one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted vasectomy surgeons.

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Gold Standard

Performs the Gold standard mini-needle no-scalpel open-ended vasectomy with fascial interposition

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Affordable Pricing

The highest quality care at an affordable price.

Our Vasectomy Method

Our mini-needle, no-scalpel, open-ended vasectomy technique is completed in 10-15 minutes and follows these steps.


A fast acting local anaesthetic is applied to the front of the scrotal skin and vas deferens using the mini-needle technique. This numbs the area to make the remainder of the procedure painless.


A single 4-5mm keyhole incision is gently made into the scrotal skin using the no-scalpel method. The no-scalpel method allows for rapid healing without the need for stitches and minimises your down time after vasectomy.


The left vas deferens is then accessed through the keyhole incision. A small section of the vas deferens is then carefully separated from it’s surrounding fascia.The fascia naturally surrounds the vas deferens like insulation surrounds electrical wire.


The vas deferens is then divided and sealed using a hyfrecator. When the vas deferens is divided the upper end drops nicely into a pocket of surrounding fascia allowing fascial interposition to easily be performed.


Fascial interposition is performed by fixing a small section of your surrounding fascia over the divided upper end of the vas deferens to create a natural tissue barrier to prevent the two ends rejoining.


The testicular end of the vas deferens remains unsealed. This open-ended technique prevents sperm from being trapped and congested in the testicles and significantly reduces the risk of pain after your vasectomy.


The same technique is then performed on the right vas deferens through the same single keyhole incision.


A small waterproof dressing is applied to the skin and the wound heals rapidly without needing any stitches. You will then be taken to a recovery area and asked to wait for 15 minutes before leaving.

Expert Vasectomy Doctor

Dr Masterson is one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted vasectomy doctors.​

Dr Matthew Masterson


Vasectomy Doctor

Dr Masterson was born in Sydney and completed his medical degree at The University of Adelaide where he was awarded the prize in Paediatric Surgery and served as Chairman of the Adelaide University Surgical Society.

Dr Masterson is one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted vasectomy surgeons and performs more than 50+ vasectomies per week.

Why Choose Vasectomy Doctors

The key reasons to choose Vasectomy Doctors for your procedure

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    Experience you can trust
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    Gentle technique
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    Completed in 10-15 minutes
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    Drive yourself home
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    Consult and procedure on the same day
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    Affordable pricing
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    Medicare rebate
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    Multiple locations
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    Easy online booking
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    24 hour aftercare support
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    Free phone consultations
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    No booking fee

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Servicing the Sydney, Central Coast and Illawarra regions.​

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